More than a game.
My friends, thank you all of you that came to the site to read this. Unfortunately the topic of this post is not one I am excited about typing, but what must be said needs to be. I am sitting here at 3:30am uncomfortable, hungry and exhausted because this comes before my personal needs or wants. This is a team. You are all on and part of this team. So start acting like a team. I could not believe what I witnessed from us tonight. Loss after loss and no one is more to blame than myself. I should have spoken up, been there more and less distracted by things going on in my personal life here at home keeping me from the team and the games. But that does not excuse anyone else from the utter lack of effort and sloppyness that was strewn around the games we played. I understand that we have been apart as a team for the last few days due to the holidays, I understand that many of our members are not well in the slightest. I myself was sick beyond anything not very long ago and I am still recovering. That didn't stop me though. That didn't stop Mikael. If Dan had not been throwing up uncontrollably he would have been at practice as well. THAT is commitment to a team. I need to see that from each and every single one of you on a daily basis. I want to know that you are all as committed to this team. We can not accomplish our goals or our dreams without every single sub and rostered member of our team giving 100 if not 110% every practice, and every day. Constantly seeking to better yourself by watching vods, or practicing outside of practice, or coordinating and being part of the team. These are not hard things to do. These are things we must do if we want to go anywhere at all as a team. It's what the best teams are doing. If any of you are not prepared to sacrifice for this team, to stay up late when you can, and make a consistent effort. Then you should probably just drop from the team right now. But. If you do want to go far, if you are committed to constantly trying to be a better gamer and a better team member then this is the team for you to do it. This is a team going to challenger. And I need players who want that dream the same as me. The games tonight were absolutely a disgrace to our entire organization on all of our parts. That line of play, that lack of communication and effort, the fucking around stops now. There is a time and place for fun games. At the end of practice when we are all worn out and tired, those of you that can manage to stay up a little longer can play a fun game or two where we can just fuck around. But practice is not the time for that. Practice is where we make a concerted effort to be the best we can possibly be and give 100% the whole time. That is what you all signed up for. What does tonight say to our subs? Most of who are giving a 110% every god damn day trying to be a part of this team. We disrespect them by playing and acting the way we did tonight and I can't let us do that again.

Effective immediately there are changes being implemented to the team and what is expected.

First - Every. Single. Practice. is now absolutely mandatory. Any player who misses a practice without telling me at least 24 hours in advance and getting confirmation that I know you are not going to be able to attend is getting subbed. No exceptions. My number is 925-822-8011 put a 1 in front of it if you have to. My email is da ... [-- those are the ways you reach me.

Second - Every week each sub and member of the team has to play a minimum of 5 ranked games outside of practice in their role also no exceptions. I will be checking match histories randomly so don't skip this part.

Third - The team website is changing locations. I am moving the site to a better hosting service to make it easier and cleaner for our team. This change will be implemented within the next week so stay tuned for info about that as the days go on.

The rest of this conversation including the status of our roster will be discussed in a team wide conversation to be had tomorrow at 6pm mountain time sharp. Anyone who misses it without letting me know in advance tomorrow is getting dropped from the team entirely also no exceptions.

I am sorry for the seriousness of this post but it is the only way we can prevent this from happening again and damaging our team as a whole. Thank you all of you for reading this and I hope to see you all tomorrow in game.

Posted by John Daniel, Tue Dec 2, 2014 @ 3:50 AM 0 Comments
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